Rak höger med Ivar Arpi
Rak höger med Ivar Arpi
"The counter-revolution has just begun"
"The counter-revolution has just begun"
Matthew Goodwin returns to the podcast to talk about his forthcoming book – "Values, Voice and Virtue". It focuses on British politics, but it's as relevant for Sweden as well as the wider West.
Matthew Goodwin.

Today I’m speaking with Matthew Goodwin who’s a Professor of Politics at Rutherford College, University of Kent. He was on the podcast pretty recently to speak about his book National populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy (Penguin UK 2018). In today’s podcast we talk about his forthcoming book Values, voice and virtue – the new British politics (Penguin 2023), which focuses more on the UK.

There have been a tendency write-off the counter-revolution of Brexit as a spent force. What people want in Britain, goes the argument, is stability. That things just work. They don’t want more rebels, populists or radicals. In his book Matthew Goodwin argues, and I would say that he is convincing, that this analysis is wrong. The realignment of politics that’s been taking place has been underway for decades, and it won’t go away until it’s somewhat resolved. The divides in society are real and not just a product of social media, even though that certainly has exacerbated the conflict level. What is to be done? Tune in to hear it! 

I also just want to mention that Matt is a fellow Substacker and I highly recommend giving him a follow if you’re interested in politics, populism and the challenges to democracy. In the episode I mention his latest post, which is a great read. I’ve learned a lot from reading him over the years.

Matt Goodwin's Substack
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